Getting to Chaing Rai Airport - Chiang Rai Airport



   Getting to Chiang Rai Airport

        There are many ways to get to Chiang Rai Airport. It depends on each person convenience so selecting the one which suit you as the following.


  • Personal Car : This is the most convenient way to get to Chiang Rai Airport. The airport does not far from Chiang Rai downtown. It is easy getting the airport, there are 3 main route to get here as followed.

    -  Start from Chiang Rai downtown, follow Rattana-Ket road number 1 (Klang-Wiang road) to Baan-Ku sub district then continue drive around 8 kilometers and turn left to get into Chiang Rai Airport.

    -  Start from Chiang Rai downtown, follow Tha-Na-Rai road (Vi-Set Vieng) and Sing-Kri road around 1 kilometer then slight left to Sa-Ha-Mit road number 1 and turn left at Vieng-Bu-Ra-Pa soi 1 (route 5023) to Lob-Vieng sub district, continue drive around 4 kilometers, Chiang Rai Airport is on the right-hand side.

    -  Start from Chiang Rai downtown, follow Tha-Na-Rai road (Vi-Set Vieng) turn left to route number 1 and go straight 2 kilometers then slight right to Baan-Fang-Min road. Continued driving to junction then turn left to Vieng-Bu-Ra-Pa road (route 5023) around 3 kilometers the airport is on the right-hand side.

  • Chiang Rai Airport Taxi : This an alternative choice for the passengers who are in the rush hour, passengers with many belongings, family group. The option is able to answer these passenger’s requirement perfectly. For more information  click here >>
  • Limousine : Another convenient way to Chiang Rai Airport, the passenger can reserve the Chiang Rai limousine online 7/24 hours to check travel date, time, limousine types by themselves. For more information. click here >>



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   Getting to Chiang Rai Downtown

         Chiag Rai Airport or the full name  “Mae Fah Luang Airport” is the international airport where far from Chiang Rai city around 8 kilometers (Map). Nowadays, there are many airlines service the route to Chiang Rai with a budget fares, therefore, most people usually fly there to travel. There are several transportation services form Chiang Rai Airport to downtown as the following.


Recommended transportations to Chiang Rai downtown

  • Start from Chiang Rai airport to downtown around 10 kilometers         
  • Start from Chiang Rai airport to Bus Terminal around 96 kilometers      
  • Start from Chiang Rai airport to Doi Tung around 47 kilometers         
  • Start from Chiang Rai airport to Chiang Khong around 90 kilometers 
  • Start from Chiang Rai airport to Mae Fah Luang around 15 kilometers
  • Start from Chiang Rai airport to Pa-Yao around 108 kilometers           

              We suggest public transportation or Taxi for people who would like to visit Chiang Rai city.


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