Doi Hua Mae Kham (Chaing Rai)

Doi Hua Mae Kham (Chaing Rai)

   Doi Hua Mae Kham  (Chaing Rai) 

Tung Bua Tong Doi Hua Mae Kham is located at Moo 4. Maesalong in. Mae Fah Luang away from home Etadati 35 km a hill tribe village. Akha and Lahu Located on a ridge border, Thailand - Myanmar. Beautiful scenery In the area of a park Doi Hua Mae. When winter visitors glowing golden yellow flowers. In mid-May. A. Field began a lotus bloom beautifully throughout the mountains. Lotus alternately between his home residents. They can also watch the sunrise from the horizon, the sun shines light through the mist. The valley also has a group of doctors marine park snuggle mountain Doi Hua Mae, too.



  Tourist attractions Doi Hua Mae.   

1. village head's words
Doi Hua Mae charm of the village is that he is switching to the lotus fields. Walking tour lifestyles have both Hmong, Lisu and Akha combinations, maintaining their traditions and their identity as well. Adhesiveness between Dec - Jan will meet with organizers of each new year, he will dress tribal tribe beautiful.

2. Park Doi Hua Mae
The office park Located at an altitude of about 1300 meters away from the village head's words, about 2 km to the highest point of view. The head of Doi Mae A vantage point overlooking a scenic mountain complex array. Very beautiful in the morning can The mist covered the mountain to the village to park to drive vehicles only.



3. Agricultural Promotion Center head mother.
A center that encourages people to make money by planting winter. Suitable for planting in the highlands. It also shooting Technical fried Floriculture winter to farmers in those areas and nearby. Flowering in winter, the trial is now including orchids, gerbera Mickey mouse caramelized pine scented lilies, carnations, tulips and ornamental eucalyptus potted plants were potted roses, lilies millennium.

4. falls head first big words
At the end of the route Away from home, the mother a little. Forest Park is the area of responsibility of the head of the trail is rather steep require four wheel drive. Cascade Head mother must walk for about 200 meters. A waterfall cascades down the river. From a cliff about 20 meters high. Water is a major source of water in nearby communities Doi Hua Mae.


   travel "Doi Hua Mae Kham "  

  private car
From Bangkok to Chiang Rai Highway 1 to the city of Chiang Rai. And Highway 110 to the North. Chan then turn onto Highway 1130 intersection in Doi Mae Salong through the house covered yet. Ban Santi Khiri after Ban Mae Salong. 1234 Highway through the intersection.Mae Salong - home Etadati turn left to Etadati home. Take the time to be there. The aunt told the mother follow signs to the park. The Center for Agricultural Promotion Doi Hua Mae. To the village head's words before the route from Chiang Rai to the village head's words can have all types of vehicles. But the path from the village to the park about two miles if the car requires a four wheel drive only. Without this type of car parking at the village and the people there, from the car to the home of the Dali you can ask from people. Now go back to the village for 1000 baht.

Doi Mae legs to head
    Chiang Rai - Ban Sang
Bus ride from downtown Chiang Rai, Chiang Rai - Mae Sai Sang down the house.
Then you have to sit on the second bus.
      Pasang home - home Etadati
Use the blue line bus service Sang - Etadati. Pasang car at home a car from 08:00 to 17:00 hrs., But had to wait for passengers. You can leave a departure. If you do not need to wait very long season tour to save time. The charter bus to travel home Etadati. Price is negotiable fee
      บ้Home Etadati - Doi Hua Mae.
When it comes to home Etadati then need to charter a minibus heading to Doi Mae. The rent is about 2500 baht / way but to go forward and hold for 3500 baht with no minibus to head directly to Mao's words only. Bus number 086 115 4183 home Terdthai you represent.

Back from Doi Hua Mae The charter bus can be arranged by appointment minibus to get together. If you do not want to hire the vehicle May have to come down from the locals. Doi Hua Mae Kham daily You can come off the car at home Etadati then transfer to the next destination of the trip.

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   travel map Tung Bua Tong Doi Mae head.

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