Top Pool Villa Hotels in Chiang Rai

Top Pool Villa Hotels in Chiang Rai

 Top Pool Villa Hotels in Chiang Rai

    Booking a hotel or resort somewhere to relax on vacation. The main room is to choose. Even if the hotel room is beautiful it is. Customers took months to cross check it with. If a room with a pool house. That reservation is not long enough. Today We recommend 10 Hotel Beautiful Pool Villas in Chiang Rai that allows you to swim and enjoy. With views of mountains and mist. The downtown is clearly too :).



 Le Meridien Chiang Rai Resort

Address: Moo 20 Tambon Wicker Street Square. Ropwiang. Muang. Rai
Price: 7000-10000 ฿

    'Le Meridien Chiang Rai Resort' finest architectural design that blends seamlessly with nature. Here the river reeds. A five-star luxury hotel that lets you get close to nature. The giant tree over 100 years old towering resort. It also boasts a luxurious style to your holiday. To experience true relaxation.




 River Rai Resort

Address: Moo 6. River House. Muang. Rai
Price: 5000-8000 ฿

    'River Rai Resort' riverside reeds in Chiang Rai. A home A pool and seating Chill river. Beautiful scenic view before With amenities to make your stay unforgettable. That defines the rest quite good too.




 The Legend Chiang Rai Hotel

Location: among 21 around the town center. Rai
Price: 3000-25000 ฿

    'The Legend Chiang Rai Hotel' Riverside Resort kg. Surrounded by mountains and natural scenery. The resort emphasizes harmony with the natural environment. Combined with trees and building Thailand. Room villa features a master bedroom with a living room. Luxurious garden to enjoy. It also provides facilities and services. Inside the hotel many




 Chiang Rai Valley Resort @Doi Hom Fha

Address: Moo 9 Tambon Ban Pa Miang. The wild strain. Mae Chan district. Rai
Price: 30,000 ฿

    'Chiang Rai Valley Resort at Doi Hom Fah' resort on a hill. Views of the tea plantation Vineyards and landscapes as far as the eye. Ideal for growing and winemaking. The wineries are hidden within this valley. The rooms here are decorated in Lanna style. The pool villas Create a beautiful foreground you see every time you swim. If you want to feel the fresh air is truly what it is. This resort is not the answer.




 A-Star Phulare Valley Resort

Address:. Min., Muang. Rai.
Price: 6000-70000 ฿

    'A-Star Phulare Valley Resort' Bed Pool Villas atmosphere. Amid the mist and lush green mountains. If the weave is ideal for a relaxing holiday. By Room Overlooking the surrounding clearly. Privacy Stay for the whole family




 Canary Natural Resort

Address: Moo 10 Tambon Ban Pang Rim Kon. Mae Kon., Muang. Rai
Price: 7000-10000 ฿

    'Canary Natural Resort' accommodation farms and organic vegetable garden. Including fruits This is a style of Country Living, guests can tour the garden vegetables and fruits, as well as required the lettuce, strawberries, lychees Mulberry addition, the resort also offers streams from Khun Korn Waterfall idyllic. The highlight is the pool villas. To give you a taste of romance among the trees refreshing.




 Manee Dheva Resort & Spa

Address: Moo 4. Pasang district, Mae Chan district. Rai
Price: 5000-10000 ฿

    'Manee Dheva Resort & Spa' a great choice for travelers who want a central location. This offers convenience and superior service to you. The rooms are equipped with amenities such as a well, to a level of comfort unsurpassed spa, garden, massage by the pool.




 Siam Triangle Hotel

Address: Moo 9. Wiang. Chiang Saen district. Rai
Price: 5000-10000 ฿

    'Siam Triangle Hotel' modern luxury accommodation and the Mekong River. The complement your holiday perfectly. Here, stunning views of the river and mountains. Central Chiang Saen The rooms are elegantly designed. Meet all your needs clearly. The large tub overlooking a panoramic view over 180 degrees.




 Phu Chaisai Mountain Resort & Spa

Address: Moo 8 Mae Salong Nok district, Mae Chan district. Rai
Price: 4000-10000 ฿

    'Phu Chaisai Mountain Resort & Spa' at Matt's first boutique hotel in Chiang Rai focused on the environmentally friendly and self-sufficient resort. This cottage has certified more than 50 rear with private balconies overlooking the panoramic view. Villas on the resort blends in with the natural environment. Feels like home There is also a restaurant and bar Phuview open serving delicious meals, both Thailand and internationally.




 M Boutique Resort

Address: Moo 7 around the town center. Rai
Price: 700-2000 ฿

    'M Boutique Resort' accommodation in Chiang Rai city that cater to tourists in its entirety. The rooms here are private. Relax place to stay. Relax from a day of activities and trips.




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