Top Hotels for Family & Kids in Chiang Rai

Top Hotels for Family & Kids in Chiang Rai

 Top Hotels for Family & Kids in Chiang Rai

    For visitors to Chiang Rai for the whole family. If your looking for a good accommodation or hotel accommodation for a holiday, We recommend 10 hotel rooms for the whole family. Our family members were clearly comfortable room with the best atmosphere in Chiang Rai. That is where it all comes together at all costs.



 Pa Sak Tong

Address: Moo 13. Mae Kon. Muang Mae Chan district. Chiang Rai
Price: 9000-120000 ฿

    'Pa Sak Tong' luxury resort is surrounded by mountains and fog. This was well decorated with art, Thailand and Myanmar. The room was quiet as a private spa. And outdoor pool There is also a shuttle Shady Pines, massage, gym, playground, kids club, a restaurant serving International and Thailand. Vegetables and fruits collected from the organic garden.




 Katiliya Mountain Resort & Spa

Address: Moo 4. Pasang district, Mae Chan district Chiang Rai
Price: 5500-20000 ฿

    'Katiliya Mountain Resort & Spa' resort that provides excellent service for tourists and families. The resort is surrounded by nature The elegant and comfortable atmosphere of the forest, adventure and culture. Rooms are equipped with facilities to meet every need as well. Brings contemporary and traditional Lanna reflected in all parts of the pipeline.




 Le Meridien Chiang Rai Resort

Address: Among the 20 rd Square rattan. Ropwiang. Muang. Chiang Rai
Price: 7000-10000 ฿

    'Le Meridien Chiang Rai Resort' ultimate design that blends in seamlessly. Amidst unspoilt and secluded private riverside reeds. Here you get closer to nature. Offering luxury and style to make your family vacation a vacation. There are also many services and facilities available.




 The Legend Chiang Rai Hotel

Location: among 21 around the town center. Chiang Rai
Price: 3000-25000 ฿

    'The Legend Chiang Rai' resort surrounded by rolling hills and scenic natural beauty. This is designed to blend in with the environment. Thailand application combines style and trees. The rooms are equipped with modern facilities. Place to stay for the whole family. There are also services In many The Spa Chiang Saen, Riverside Terrace restaurant serves international and Thailand in an authentic Lanna.




 A-Star Phulare Valley Resort

Address: Moo 2. Min., Muang. Chiang Rai
Price: 6000-70000 ฿

    'A - Star Phulare Valley Resort' accommodation atmosphere. Ideal for both family Set amidst lush greenery and mist. It offers a variety of room styles. All rooms offer spectacular views of the surrounding very impressed. And privacy Spacious guest families.




 Manee Dheva Resort & Spa

Address: Moo 4. Pasang district, Mae Chan district. Chiang Rai.
Price: 5000-10000 ฿

    'Manee Dheva Resort & Spa' a great choice for travelers who want to stay downtown. It also has a And travel together. This is ideal for both families. All rooms feature amenities such as a well, then. For the comfort level unparalleled spa, garden, massage, outdoor pool. The answer to all the rest of the family really.




 Le Patta Chiang Rai Hotel

Location: Phaholyothin Rd., Wiang. Muang. Chiang Rai
Price: 3000-12000 ฿

    'Le Patta Chiang Rai Hotel' peaceful accommodation in the city center. That makes you and your family to get away from the city bustle. With excellent service from staff The cuisine of celebrity chef. The merger between Thailand and European dishes. And room to relax and unwind as well. It is also close to attractions such as the clock tower of Chiang Rai, Chiang Rai Night Bazaar, walking and much more.




 Nak Nakara Hotel

Address: If the Uttarakit. Wiang. The city center. Chiang Rai
Price: 3000-8000 ฿

    'Nak Nakara' hotel, where you can touch is reflected through Thailand Decorative Design Rooms and Hotel Services. Also in the city center Making it easy to get around. Both Sightseeing As savor food The cultural activities of Chiang Rai is a great option for travelers and families. In every comfortable accommodation.




 De Hug Hotel and Residence

Address: 16 Moo Moo Sridonchai. Ropwiang City Center District. Chiang Rai
Price: 2000-4500 ฿

    'De Hug Hotel & Residence' style accommodation with modern boutique that combines the elegant and stylish. Under the warm atmosphere at the heart of Chiang Rai. The rooms are well-equipped to express. Facility You and your family can relax and enjoy the cozy atmosphere unrivaled.




 Full House Resort

Address: Moo 1. Forest Opera district Wiang Pa Pao district. Chiang Rai
Price: 1,200 ฿

    'Full House Resort' a popular choice for tourists. Ideal for both couples getaway. The gang of friends Or even the whole family Also traveling to various places of the offense easily.



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