Top Budget Hotels in Chaing Rai

Top Budget Hotels in Chaing Rai


 Top Budget Hotels in Chaing Rai

    Who's that need to cost the earth! In Chiang Rai, surrounded by numerous hotels to accommodate visitors from around the world. The hotel's rooms are extremely comfortable and reasonably priced, we will take them to visit me today. Hurry up and express check in !!



 De Hug Hotel and Residence

Address: 16 Moo Moo Sridonchai (Royal Civil) in. The town center district. Chiang Rai
Price: 2000-4500 ฿

    'De Hug Hotel & Residence' style accommodation Modern Boutique. Combining elegant and stylish. The warm atmosphere in the heart of Chiang Rai. The rooms are spacious and unique. With facilities that meet modern lifestyle has a price to touch.




 Eat Sleep Cafe and Bed

Address: 20 Moo. Ropwiang. Muang. Chiang Rai
Price: 2500-4000 ฿

    'Eat Sleep Cafe and Bed' lovely accommodation in Chiang Rai. It is surrounded by an aura of sweetness and warmth around. Rooms overlooking the River Kok. With all facilities It also opened a cafe below. Gently sip coffee and watch the scenery go ahead simultaneously.




 Homey Dormy Chiangrai

Address: Moo 13 Phaholyothin Rd., City Center District. Chiang Rai
Price: 2000-4000 ฿

    'Homey Dormy Chiang Rai' A two-storey villa with its chic interior decor lovely. All 12 rooms, 12 rooms are warm, friendly style that feels like a second home.




 La Belle Hotel

Address: 19 Moo Moo's at peace. Robwiang. City center province. Chiang Rai.
Price: 1500-2000 ฿

    'La Belle Hotel' the beginning of a relaxing and affordable city. Excellent service and facilities provided. The rooms are warmly decorated Offering you a truly relaxing experience.




 Baan Rub Aroon Guesthouse

Location: South Street office of district city center province. Chiang Rai
Price: 1000-3500 ฿

    'Baan Rub Aroon Guesthouse' home white colonial-style rooms with only six rooms and three private rooms, only two people in this room and a total of eight double bed rooms each named after a tree of Thailand. The Lotus Room Frangipani Room Room honeysuckle. Service is friendly and warm Feels like a day at home. Wanting to sleep all the time on Chiangrai.




 Chezmoi Handicraft & Homestay

Address: 15 Ridge Road curves among the least. Ropwiang. Muang. Chiang Rai
Price: 1000-3000 ฿

    'Chezmoi Handicraft & Homestay' accommodation vintage decorated with colorful flowers and a touch of handicraft. Cozy, family But do not throw away your privacy Inside, the large room, library, living room, bathroom and garden recreation.




 Mercy Hostel

Location: Road to the top seven. Vieng. Muang. Chiang Rai
Price: 600-2500 ฿

    'Mercy Hostel' chic accommodation in Chiang Rai, a favorite of travelers and foreigners. The rooms here are two bedrooms and a single bedroom combinations. Complemented with services and facilities for tourists. The pool had a friend who wanted coffee Free Wifi foreign exchange and travel experiences. Stay here does not disappoint




 Happynest Hostel

Location: Phaholyothin Rd., Wiang. Muang. Chiang Rai.
Price: 300-2000 ฿

    'Happynest Hostel' hostel chic design lovely city of Chiang Rai. Make the journey quite comfortable ever. Lovely hospitable staff There is a wide selection of both traditional bedroom. And private rooms.




 Fun D Hostel

Location: Phaholyothin Rd., Wiang. Muang. Chiang Rai
Price: 300-1400 ฿

    'Fun D Hostel' colorful accommodation. Affordable Each room has a private room and the room. Warm, relaxing Good service and a tourist information guide. It takes too long




 Hohm Hostel

Address: The Three Jewels. Vieng. Muang. Chiang Rai.
Price: 1,300 ฿

    'Hohm Hostel' accommodation small but lovely warm. Ideal for tourists and art lovers. The room was warm and comfortable. It also has a workshop to have fun and create inspiration.




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