Airport Limousine Guide


 5 Steps to reserve limousine with Airports of Thailand (AOT)


  Searching Limousine service. 

  Selecting type of car which you want.

  Fill in the passenger information completely.

  Making an online payment via credit card (Visa or Master Card)

  Reservation completed


Instructions step-by-step and photo description

  Searching Limousine service.

  • Select pick-up and drop-off location you want.
  • Select travel date and a number of passengers
  • In case of round trip limousine, please click "YES" in the Return Journey box and identify date and time for your return round then click "Search"
  • In case of one way trip limousine, please click "NO" in the Return Journey box then click "Search"


  Selecting type of car which you want.

  • The system will show available car, type of car, rate and other details.
  • Select type of car which you want and check the detail completely the click “Select Car” 



   Fill in the passenger details completely.

  • Check the detail, pick-up/drop-off, date, a number of passengers and rate.
  • Fill in the passenger details completely then click  “Continue to book”

  Making an online payment via credit card (Visa or Master Card)

  • In the payment process, please ensure the details correctly.
  • Complete the credit card details.
  • Click “BOOK NOW” to success your booking.

  Reservation completed! 

  • Have a good trip.

Tips.  *Don’t forget to print out the itinerary and save your reservation for your benefit.



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