Domestic Flight

Domestic Flight

 Step1: Check Baggage Resolution at the entrance of Gate 1,2,3


 Step2: Check-in at the counter of your airline at Row 1-23


 Airport provides two Automatic Self Check-in System for passengers to check in.



 When check-in process is completed, do not hurry. There are several shops and restaurants in service at Chiang Rai Airport. Read More
 It is more safety and avoid your anxiety by using Luggage Wrapping Services at 1st Floor Read More



 There are ATM services from several banks at Chiang Mai Airport such as Government Savings Bank, Siam Commercial Bank, Kasikorn Bank, Krungsri Bank, Bangkok Bank Read More


 There are 1 toilets locations at 1st Floor.  Read More



 Step3: Domestic passengers can exit for boarding at Gate 1-5 (1-3 is on left side, 4-5 is on right side)


 Step4: Check Baggage Resolution



 Step5: Wait for boarding at the indicated Gate.



 Chiang Rai Airport provides 4 spots for Mobile Charging and 6 spots for Battery Charger. Read More



 You can drop for a cup of coffee or buying some souvenirs from shops inside the Gate as well. Read More
 There are lounge service for Thai Smile and Bangkok Air passengers by just showing your boarding pass only. Read More

Thai Airways Lounge


Bangkok Airways Lounge


 There are 2 toilets locations ie. nearby both sides at Gate 1-3 and Gate 4-5. Read More



 There are seats at both sides, provide for Buddhist monk while waiting as well.



 Experience the beauty of Chiang Rai native hand-woven cloth which is adorned by various Gates for passengers to appreciate while wait for boarding.