Check-in Counter

 Check-in Counter Chiang Rai Airport

There are Check-in counters or Row Check-in at Chiang Raii Airport in total of 59 Rows. These serve for the passengers while checking in for their flights. The details are follows 

International passengers  check in at counter 1-3 and 8-11
Row 1-3 Hong Kong Express
Row 8-11 China Eastern

Domestic passengers check in at counter 1-23
Row 1-3 Viet Jet
Row 4-7 Bangkok Airways
Row 8-11 Thai Smile Lion Air
Row 12-15 Thai Air Asia
Row 16-18 Nok Air
Row 19-23 Thai Lion Air



In addition, the Airport provides Automatic Self Check-in System nearby 1st floor of Domestic Terminal to serve for many travelers while checking in.