Public Transport

Transportation Services
The airport can be accessed from Phaholyothin Road which is the main road connecting the city of Chiang Rai and the airport.


Chiang Rai Airport Shuttles

For your travel from the airport there are Tuk Tuks which are 3-wheeled motorized bicycle type motorcycles are very cheap. To spot them look for brightly colored vehicles they are usually painted in various colors. A ride is usually no more than a $1 to $3 (40 to 100 baht).

Songathaew: are usually cheaper than Tuk Tuks they’ll cost you about 46 cents USD (15 baht). Songathaew re Thailands version of the city bus so crowd in with all the other travelers to get to your destination.

Taxis service from the airport to the city center will cost about $4 USD (120 baht).

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