Tourist information

Chiang Rai

"Northernmost in Siam, beautiful Doi Tung, repository of culture, most delicious rice, sweet and fragrant litchi, beautiful women, the finest flavoured tea, pineapple from Nang-Lae" 

Chiang Rai province is the most nothern province of Thailand, about 785 kilometres from Bangkok. Chiang Rai has an area of 11,678 square kilometres and 1,129,701 people live here. The majority of the population is Thai. 12,5% of the population are Hill Tribes. The province borders Myanmar on the North, and Laos on the north and northeast. It is also known as a gateway to Myanmar, Laos and China. 

The province has an interesting past and its pure nature makes Chiang Rai popular for its pleasant, relaxing atmosphere and its rich cultural diversity. Chiang Rai is famous for its tasty lychees, The Golden Triangle, 26 waterfalls and 12 National Parks. It is also home to a several of the Thailands oldest civilisations. These Hill Tribes maintain fascinating lifestyles. There are good expectations for investments for the future, since there will be good things happening arround here. There are a lot of companies opening and investing in this province. Also Her Higness Crown Princess will move into her grandmothers Royal Palace.