Wat Phra That Chomthong (Phayao)

Wat Phra That Chomthong (Phayao)

 Wat Phra That Chomthong (Phayao)

Wat Phra That Chomthong Located on Doi Chom Thong 3 km away from downtown by car to reach the summit. So people have to worship pagoda Chom Thong, a pair of ancient monuments in Phayao. The surrounding area is covered with forests. An arboretum overlooking downtown and the surrounding Phayao.



The temple is "Phra Thong" is a pagoda over 30 meters high, located on the base width 9 meters square stacked three layers. Supports bell The top is golden canopy. Base surrounding the bottom lined with sheet metal. Chase a 12th constellation pattern Thailand and very scenic. Like relics Haripunchai. Lampoon



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