One Day Trip – Singha Park & Wat Rong Khun @Chiang Rai

One Day Trip – Singha Park & Wat Rong Khun @Chiang Rai

 One Day Trip - Singha Park & Wat Rong Khun @Chiang Rai

    'Chiang Rai' northernmost province of Siam. Filled with historic long. It is also the first point of Thailand, the Mekong flows through. With a unique tradition that has received attention from both Thailand and overseas. To recognize the cultural and historic treasures of the city over the more recent One Day Trip Chiang Rai is the first episode :)

Tips: Winter suit most travel to Chiang Rai. Because the weather is cold, refreshing scenery.
And to facilitate travel. Do not forget to rent a car from the airport here


    From Suvarnabhumi International Airport heading 'Chiang Rai International Airport' gateway to the scenic city. Hotel 'Phowadol Resort and Spa that combines tranquility with convenience Urbanized Lanna style perfectly maintains the native Lanna the area of ​​40 hectares is also a very posh. 'Massage courts' I know how it is. Guests must check in here too.

Address: Moo 3 Rimkok Subdistrict. District of Chiang Rai. Chiang Rai.


    The northernmost of Siam once. pay homage to the 'Wat Pra Kaew' to a little extra luck. The temple is a place of discovery. 'Phra Kaew Morakod' statue at Wat Phra Kaew in Bangkok. Current residents of 'Phra Kaew Morakod has built a new altar, is the 'Jade Buddha Chiang Rai', who pray for the prosperity of life. In addition, the museum also hosts a glass Highway. Religious and cultural resources of precious water. Away 4 km only.

    Completed promptly went just 3 km from the Palace to the noodle shop. 'Rice noodles with spicy pork sauce by Pa-suk’ restaurant serving authentic folk open for very long. The protagonist to give ancient Rice noodles with spicy pork sauce recipe Chiang Rai authentic. Or foreign people to Thailand I doubt it tasted just plain stuck all. Located on Ridge Road bent at soi 5 from 8:00 to 15:00 pm.

Recommend Menu: Rice noodles with spicy pork sauce & Beef Sauce, Streaky pork with crispy crackling
Egg Noodle in Chicken Curry (Kao Soi Kai), Lod Chong Dessert in Coconut Milk

    Depart a little far spent only 20 minutes to reach. 'Wat Rong Khun' Landmark top of the offense. Pure white temple decorated with a painted sculpture, architecture, fine display connected to hell and heaven. Learn the art with Lanna culture harmoniously. Foreigners can be stunned by the beauty all to me. View extravaganza from 8:00 to 17:00 hrs. 


    Near Wat Rong Khun. It is a popular place for Thailand and foreign tourists very much. Because the beauty of tea plantations and wide. Around a vast mountain air And fresh air 'farm Bunrod' or 'Singha Park' attraction for visitors to walk a fine agricultural products, including fruits, tea plantations and flower plants in winter waiting for you to admire. End the meal with a special snack to eat at the restaurant, located in Phu Phirom. The museum is open daily from 10:00 to 16:00 hrs.


    If you come to Chiang Rai, You have to visit the clock tower and watch the show at 1 pm onwards front. But while you wait, grab a delicious coconut balls that city. 'Bua Loy Mue Tue' (Mue Tue = Mobile) candy shop chic name. Candy Balls in coconut milk with other foodies 'right' people. So called because when it treats everyone must hand out to eat. Guaranteeing the delicious taste of working in the engine compartment Doi Tung Royal Villa is at stake. Enjoy a delicious 17:00 to 21:00 hrs.

Recommend Menu: Rice-Dumpling-in-Coconut-Milk

    When ready please watch the light show. Clock tower Chiang Rai ornate ensembles. Flooded the streets became one of the attractions of the tour already. The show will begin at 1 pm - 2 pm - 3 pm.


    Then it was time for dinner. Where it is not possible addition. 'Restaurant Phu Lae' the most famous local restaurant in Chiang Rai. The distinctive taste is clean and airy, comfortable atmosphere. The classic brown accents. Foreign tourists visit socialize, meet. The restaurant is located only 800 meters away from the clock tower frequented tasting daily 11:00 to 23:00 hrs.

Recommend Menu:   Fried egg noodle, Grandma fried egg, Northern mixed curry, Hang-le curry, Spicy minced pork salad

    The area 'Thanalai Road' street of restaurants Phu Lae. It is also the location of 'Chiang Rai Walking Street' as well, or at the city known as the 'Kat Jiang Hai Memorial Open all day Saturday in the city center. This is one of the most bustling pedestrian street. Full of handmade products Home decoration Souvenirs on sale and highlights the work. Courtyard for visitors dance band together for fun, charming and reflect the culture of Chiang Rai as well as me. Chill came together from 4 am until midnight for the price.



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