One Day Trip - Visit a tea plantation on the hill @Chiang Rai

One Day Trip - Visit a tea plantation on the hill @Chiang Rai


 One Day Trip - Visit a tea plantation on the hill @Chiang Rai

    'Tea Plantation' is another attraction of Chiang Rai, who is popular at all. Especially during the winter, nice sun tea plantation views arranged in a staircase. And a faint mist Including a spectacular natural The sights and lots of restaurants. All this is included in One Day Trip to visit Chiang time :)



    Aircraft landing the Chiang Rai International Airport takes 45 minutes to get to 4-star atmosphere a cool 'Manee Dheva Resort & Spa' option to stay top. On the way to Mae Salong quiet place to relax with only 9 villas equipped with glistening convenient location. A highlight is the whole area of ​​the resort is built on the land. Overlooking meadows, mountains and fog around 360 degrees.



Within the 'Na Kham Luang Restaurants' dining at local restaurants creationism Thailand and international cuisine to all guests.


Address: Moo4 Pasang District, Mae Chan District, Chiang Rai

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TIPS Routes in Chiang Rai, relatively far from enough. Suggest that rental car from the airport.
Help is very good. Makes travel easy, safe and much faster; D
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    Drove me just 15 minutes to Dream Destination of all travelers 'Shui Fong Tea Plantation' top quality tea plantation of Thailand. The best teas cultivated for over 40 years atmosphere, surrounded by lush green tea plantations and invisibly. Browse descended the stairs. Sit sipping sweet tea at a cafe. Fresh air to your lungs Or are shopping for a quality tea to eat at home or not. Then you will understand why the tourists here indeed impressive.

Address: Moo 8 Pasang district, Mae Chan district. Chiang Rai
Open: 08:00 to 17:00 hrs.




 Recommend Trip

'Wang Pud Tarn Tea Plantation' Large tea plantation, Planting a stepped hillside Doi Mae Salong. When viewed from a high angle
to see the beauty of tea plantations and eye-catching. Here are the highlights of hectares of tea. Lions still have money
Golden Lion front entrance, the teapot is the largest in the world. A highlight is the morning.
The farmer came out to keep top quality tea light. It is a real pleasure to visit as tourists flock uninterrupted.

Location: Doi Mae Salong district of Mae Fah Luang. Rai.



    Chiang Rai was once the place to come hit 'Phu Chi Fa' is a bit en route to a chic coffee shops so called 'Phu Chi Fa Coffee House' good atmosphere, good coffee. Simply furnished Just beautiful, inspiring The restaurant's coffee growing and roasting. Until fragrant coffee Savor Coupled with persistent Compatibility is very good.

Address: Moo 14. Doi Pha default. Po district Wiang Kaen district. Rai.



    From cafes only 30 minutes to the popular tourist places there is the 'Doi Pha Tang' Lookout Thailand - Laos mist throughout the year. During the month of December there will be tulips bloom. Beautiful cherry blossoms comparable to Thailand for quite a value. It also has plants in winter, the plum, peach, pear, apple and tea leaves here. Finally, when the sunset Overlooking the orange sun goes down to Las piecemeal. It is a spectacular visual impression.



TIPS During the introduction of more scenic 4:30 to 18:30 pm.


    It is close to Doi Pha Tang Destination Highlight of Chiang Rai province, not ever. 'Phu Chi Fa' highest peaks in the mountains of Doi Pha Mon. Border Thailand - Laos as well. Within forest reserves This was a very long line of cliffs, spiers pointing to the sky. The uniqueness of this place Highlights that everyone must concede the point of view of the mist. Sun squeezed through it. The first light of day as a spectacular and unforgettable.



    Well, tired of the day Find a good restaurant to eat a bit of it. Area near Phu Chi Fa A cozy restaurant to serve tourists as well. 'Phu Chi Fa Restaurant' drive from Phu Chi Fa, just 2 km only two floor restaurant are simple but spacious top floor has a view deck, morning and evening. The food was just unbeatable. Reviewed must surely

Recommended dish: Mekong fish soup, fried bitter gourd top red light, crispy cakes, eggs, curry yellow.

Address: Moo 24 village buildings, indoor sky Thailand. Rd., Chiang Rai

Open: 06:00 to 22:00 hrs.

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 Recommend Restaurant

'The Rasee' The Chinese restaurant is the best Italian in Chiang Rai. For visitors who want to eat some European food.
This does not leave you disappointed. Cozy atmosphere Big Food But price is not expensive as you think it.

Recommended dishes: fried clams, pasta, chili, and spaghetti carbonara, steak, T-bone steak, salmon, pizza.





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