Wang Put Tan Tea Chiang Rai

Wang Put Tan Tea Chiang Rai

    Wang Put Tan Tea (Chiang Rai)

          Tea Plantation strike, Tan Wang A large tea plantation, located on Doi Mae Salong. Tea Plantation offers a unique silver lion. A huge gold lion is the front entrance to the tea plantations. There was also a large teapot set four leaves arranged in four directions. The witness regarded as the world's largest teapot. The special is a giant teapot "float" was created by distinguished local tea plantation Wang Poudean this. Landmark is the cause of Doi Mae Salong. If anyone has seen the image of a giant teapot Doi Mae Salong is recalled immediately. During the tourist season, tourists will come to visit and take a number. Including not miss the tasting and purchase quality tea to brew at home.


 Wang Put Tan Tea  Chiang Rai

   Doi Ang Khang travel

   By car
You can have two ways:
- From Chiang Dao road around the city can turn left. Home dawn coming up the drive may be narrow but not steep. There are signs all the way (to the game. The soil during the day)
- Another route to the driver through the Chiang Dao. District Vacation - Fang Road Superhighway Curves than Continued driving for about 70 km up the road, you will notice. Measure the Pleasure Beach Turn left, drive about 25 km route is very steep (km 14-18) should drive with caution, then. Each time the car is ready

  public Transport
  By bus From Chiang Mai to Doi Ang Khang aneurysm. The car can go up
- Bus Galaxy a van (150 baht) and a bus (85 baht).
- This ascent ANGKHANG km 137 with two rows of cars queue service - tourists do not drive up the mountain itself h. Two rows of white cars queue Ang aneurysm (The Pleasure Beach) call 053-884848 / 086-1947484 contact you deserve.

  Type of van 10 people
To - to cost about 1800 baht (visiting the Royal Project).
House prices hold at around 2000 baht THB 2300 North and then: flat edge.

  Type minibus 10 people
To - to cost about 1200 baht.
To - is allowed but cost about 1400 baht.
North Village: the flat edge for about 1,700 baht.


 Wang Put Tan Tea  Chiang Rai


   travel map Tea Wang Tan Rai strike



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