Doi Mae Salong (Chiang Rai)

Doi Mae Salong (Chiang Rai)

   Doi Mae Salong (Chiang Rai) 

Doi Mae Salong is located. Santi Khiri village Formerly Mae Salong outside. Division 93 is the immigrant community from Burma into Thailand region. Two battalions of the 3rd Battalion came to Fang. Chiang Mai and the 5th Battalion, located at Ban Mae Salong Nok since 2504. December to February Flower queen tiger Sakura, which is the smallest breed. Pink and white bloom all the way up to Doi Mae Salong. The plants were rare in Thailand. Because of growth, but only in very cold climates only.

  An interesting point Doi Mae Salong.

Visit tea plantations and tea production method. A scenic ride around the village of Jiang's clear. And the Chinese National Monument former Northern Ireland education story. History of Doi Mae Salong, a guided visit to Open daily from 8:00 to 17:00 pm. Admission is 30 baht.
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  Attractions Doi Mae Salong.

Sathit Maha Chedi Phra Srinakarin SANTIKIREE.
General Cemetery amputated
Sakura Thailand
Visit the wonderful cherry blossom tea ethnic food Doi Mae Salong.
Memorial past the Chinese military.

   Travel "Doi Mae Salong"  

Travelling by car can take two possible routes from the district town of Chiang Rai. Take Highway 10 to the terminal. Chan, 29 km, then turn left onto Highway 1089 (Mae - Tha) at Km. 856 just before the entrance to the terminal. Chan slightly. Through tight wild hot springs (km 78) Golden Glades Village (between km 73-74) and Huay Hin Fon. At the checkpoint drugs. Three separate roller contracted kidney Km. 55, turn right and follow the winding path up the mountain for another 15 km.

Or more routes Take the old Take Highway 10 through. Chan headed the district late on the primary km 860 and turn left. There are signs to Doi Mae Salong clear. This route is quite narrow and winding. Through hill tribe village of Ban Pa Miang periodically on the main km 10 to be three separate Tribal Welfare and Development Center. Turn right to Highway 1338 to Doi Tung. Turn left on Highway 1234 Distance 25 km through the intersection at the main house Akha km 9, turn left and go another 16 km to Doi Mae Salong.

In that case, do not drive yourself to the bus. By seat minibus Green Line Chan - Tha. Bus parked in Mae Chan. Alight at the Port of Savannah contracted kidney. Then the minibus from SCAD Savannah climb to Mae Salong. Time uncertain But will have to wait for passengers periodically hitchhike or wait it out or take a minibus blue line Pasang - Mae Salong. Ban Sang was a car from 7:00 to 16:00 pm. Contractors to - to 800 baht bus queue 60-100 baht each leg of Mae Salong. The car will be waiting occupies Seven Eleven Tel. 08 1024 0813.


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