Baandum Museum (Chiang Rai)

Baandum Museum (Chiang Rai)

  Baandum Museum  ( Chiang Rai)

          Black House or Black House Museum Located at. Nanglae. Muang. Rai created by. Mighty index national artists. Skilled in the arts of painting, sculpture, created many jobs. Both the paintings and sculptures, many aspects of Black House is a group home. Lanna style All are painted black This is the origin of the term "black house" and also is the district mighty favor with each house will be decorated with carved wood with beautiful patterns. In addition to wood carvings also decorated with buffalo horns as he antler and bones of animals such as elephants, etc. Although the bone. Mighty. It passed the House, but black is also open for visitors to come. Experience the beauty of the unique differences of here.



The area filled with trees. Comfortable, peaceful atmosphere The house consists of a total of 36 back home with a different style to which these houses were not built for housing, but built for storing various collections of professor mighty. There is also another one after that was never finished. The museum is a display of the work. Mighty. Built with teakwood Patterned carvings It is a very beautiful place, one that represents the uniqueness of Lanna art and valuable and should be preserved in Chiang Rai Wat Rong Khun Chalerm teachers. Which is white like Heaven.



Black House made a comparison of teachers. Mighty professor It is a way out of hell The professor's comments that "there is a parallel in the district Wat Chalerm do quite like paradise. Mighty professor is wrong tone If it is comparable to celebrate the mighty heaven to hell.Just as a comparison, but not out in the hell Concept. This is not hell, but the Black House. Here call home, and Mrs. Black. Appearance is black People like this do not just figuratively. "

   Black House is open to visitors free admission every day (except Monday) from 8:00 to 17:00 pm.



   Travel "Baandum Museum"  

  By car
You can travel by road. Superhighway toward the Mae Sai. Through Mahidol University for about 3 kilometers to the village after her. Notice the left is SSC. Or Pepsi here. Then the alley, turn left along a path, a way is colored blue. From the mouth of the Black House is approximately 300 meters.


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   travel map Black House

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