Bualoy Mue Tue (Chiang Rai)

Bualoy Mue Tue (Chiang Rai)

  Bualoy Mue Tue (Chiang Rai)

          ‘Bualoy Mue - Tue’  Balls store food in the market, the Night Bazaar. This was because the restaurant does not have a table to seat customers. I have already bought the phone. If you have the opportunity to travel to Chiang Rai. Entrance to Chiang Rai Night Bazaar. A delicious dessert is advised that you should not miss.

  Menu: Eggs Balls, Ice Cream Balls, Balls said the start.
​  Open: 18:00 to 20:45 hrs.


          Restaurant "mobile fat aunt Balls" has sold very well with that pervades much sold out left overnight. The name of the shop Balls that mobile If the store will immediately understand. Customers who stood a full page. In every one of the vessels coconut. Zhuang lap Balls mouth munch with gusto.


          Balls you have to choose five flavors, including coconut Balls was the start. Coconut Jelly Balls Balls Coconut Balls especially salted coconut. Coconut cream and coconut balls The popular size is OTOP Provincial ever. The price of 15-20 baht



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