Muan walking street (Chiang Rai)

Muan walking street (Chiang Rai)

   Muan walking street  (Chiang Rai)

            Have fun .... a pedestrian street closed to Sunday from 16.00 pm. - 23.30 hrs. The road's curve is a little pedestrian street. From graduate school leading to the temple Chetupon which is the stage retro dance exercise it. Was bent to the streets near the hospital Chiang Rai is easy to find. Street rolls of a variety of products to choose from, such as clothing, shoes, handbags, wood carvings, souvenirs, confectionery products, fresh vegetables, fruits, etc. Tribal Zone diet is located in front of the temple Chetupon. Food has to taste Shop like the long lines of two sides of the road.



If the visit Chiang match weekdays can go for a walk.. Rai Night Bazaar.. It's near the old bus station Rai. It is open every night or a Saturday to walk.. The street.. A straight road Thanalai or garden lamp Tung and Chiang Rai or not.



            Was bent street fun Was bent or street people roll. Is a pedestrian street that opens on Sunday in downtown Chiang Rai. Was bent by road in the evening into a pedestrian street. The street has long since kindergarten graduate Rai intersection School District 5 (preferably five). The curved ridge road that turns people roll interspersed with pedestrian Kat Jiang Hai Memorial is open every Saturday. Recently officially opened in the year 2554 on top of the network long-stay guests (Long Stay).



            Was bent at area community to support the health tourism destination. Later, it turned into a pedestrian street leading up to the house with local goods such as clothing, home furnishing. Jewelry, food distribution Are of interest to both locals and tourists. The perfect place to stop for something to eat, stroll along the pedestrian street with restaurants selling a lot. Called ฝaktgag here without eating dinner elsewhere. Some stores, it is the same store that sold the cabbages Jiang Hai also remember that if you walk on it with a massage, get a massage, foot massage to relax before walking on a pedestrian street next.



            An interesting point of the ridge road bend roll is a temple or monastery Chetupon Was bent. The outdoor patio is open retro dance for tourists or people who are street people roll a joint dance ensembles. It is not even entertaining the tourists could not have asked to join the Jam. Relive the emotions was very fun.


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   Travel by car
Recommend to the road Thanalai. Straight on the road course civil. Turn left at the road course civil Soi 3 for parking in this area is convenient. Or parking meter Chetupon. Another is the royal road's curves. Then walk across the street to a park Was bent.

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