Teenager’s Popular Market (Chiang Rai)

Teenager’s Popular Market (Chiang Rai)

   Teenager’s Popular Market (Chiang Rai)

         Night Bazaar in Chiang Rai Walking Street nightlife of downtown. The shopping of both Thailand and overseas. With many local products as silk woven art of the region. The consumer of the walking cliche cool. And of course, returned to the trustees.



          Night Bazaar in Chiang Rai Located Road Chiang Rai bus terminal area A shopping area popular with tourists, both in Thailand and overseas. A souvenir of his craft. And Chiang Rai and Clothing A multicolored bag Native products, embroidered curtains skilled people that he be sold at prices affordable. The atmosphere is cool It is best to chill out for a walk of the souvenirs are also sold outside of the house is made of wood. Handicrafts (Or hand-made products) in. Such as wood carvings, paintings, dolls and artifacts, etc. If you walk away when I feel hungry. The Night Bazaar in Chiang Rai also has restaurants serving the tourists and watch the show, which is the second stage is the walled courtyard. A stage for performances of students from Chiang Rai Rajabhat University, Thailand and a dance show, a musical stringed folk fiddle Salga. To preserve the art form over time. If this had come to visit Lanna folk art with his own eyes, of course.



          Rai Night Bazaar. Visitors can experience the handmade product from Handmade or which is popular with tourists. Both in Thailand and overseas. And supports products from craft And the wisdom of Chiang Rai, wire goods, but very beautiful. Buy more likely to accumulate choose not to do it.



          Suzuki set the stage area, a beer garden patio for drinks, cold beer. A variety of delicious food and fabulous performances. There will be a cabaret shows and folk performances of their inhabitants. Which of these shows will alternate day. For serving There are a variety of menus to choose whether they are local or foreign food restaurant Thailand. It was my seafood.



          If you have the opportunity to visit Chiang Mai and have stayed in town. Do not miss out walk in the light of the city's nightlife at Walking Street Night Bazaar in Chiang Rai. Chiang Rai bus terminal in the area. That atmosphere You need to have the money to buy it.

   *Night Bazaar in Chiang Rai started around 18.30 pm. - 23:00 pm. Every day.



   travel map Rai Night Bazaar

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