CentralPlaza Chiangrai (Chiang Rai)

CentralPlaza Chiangrai (Chiang Rai)

   CentralPlaza Chiangrai  (Chiang Rai)

            If not the best sights in town, Lanna art. Chill out of the spotlight for now to give Central Plaza Chiang Mai late on Phaholyothin Road. The city is also the center of the new city center and lifestyle center. Eco-friendly shopping center trailer to the first stop of Thailand as well.


                Just façade was exposed to the art of Lanna culture. The panel is decorated with a flower Lantern offense. And I walked up to the front of the main entrance, it is a combination of many things. But the patient does not have to taste. The aroma of coffee is unconscionable, "Doi Coffee Shop" (open 8:30 to 22:00 pm. Tel. 0 5317 9769) focused on Thailand-style coffee. This is produced by Rai. Guarantee the quality of the coffee, not foreigners. Menu includes coffee, which peaked medium roast Arabica varieties. So everyone can enjoy Or a green mountain. It will serve as a check



               To maintain the flavor and aromas. The restaurant also has a soft crepe. Waffles with local fruit. Thailand to savor simple dishes beside a shop "Six senses Bistro" (open 10:00 to 21:00 hrs. Tel. 0 5317 9886), the famous food genuine Thailand. We like to eat at home. But more creative looks to Fine The menu must have stewed he owners say that the nicest city in Thailand. Because the eggs a little sticky. Intensely flavored with spices, simmered to six-hour boat chili recipe is also the court Prikkig pork fried catfish. The cake was delicious as well.

Who is not enough Try to visit the Kad Luang G will have to buy more local food. The deposits of the name of Rai was not prepared for disappointment.


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