Kad Luang The Flee Market of Chiang Rai (Chiang Rai)

Kad Luang The Flee Market of Chiang Rai (Chiang Rai)

   Kad Luang The Flee Market of Chiang Rai (Chiang Rai)

Location: Chiang Rai Muang District, Chiang Rai
Tel: 089 261 6484
Today Open: 7: 00-16: 30.


           Once arrived in Chiang Mai If not, the "Kad Luang" or "Street Market" would be like missing something. Kad Luang because this is the biggest market of the province. And the old market that has a long history going back hundreds of years old, who came to the Chiang Mai itself. You will have to go shopping to buy things like this to Kad Luang.



            The flavor of this market, Lenovo has a very rich history. Firstly, the current location of the crematorium Kuang. Or that taps into the body and keep your Praaaฐi His many Mai. After the throes star radius of King Rama V's. Praaaฐi the initiative to move to the Wat Suan Dok. And collect the money from him and you pay in Warorot states. The ruler of Chiang Mai in those days. To create a market in this area Kuang crematorium. The King called "Street Market" by the name of thy Integrated Warorot. Villagers later known as the "Kad Luang", which will mean big market. It may mean the market of the ruler with.



          Within Waroros this. Open since early morning until late at night until midnight, many food products is a large commercial center of the city. If I wanted to buy some souvenirs from Chiang Mai category called eating. Then it's delicious Immediately darted to Waroros This is not a pork sausage, pork chili youth caps sour caramel compote of dried fruits dried tea leaves that come up every single course. And when it comes to the market if they do not stop buying pork sausage chili young prince of the market. "Wild Sri merit" or "shop Wimax". I must say that quite yet to come. Both shops are located adjacent to the first floor of the market is considered as a market for it. For those tourists or even locals had also come to buy a sausage and pork curry though, if the formula had to be eaten with hot rice. That had to be hooked around the page, of course, delicious. For those who want to buy fresh fruits in winter. The Waroros was there as well. But that is a bit unusual for us it would be a "potassium discouraged" winter fruits are sold in thousands. When you try to taste, then it must be said that it was delicious. The meat of potassium pipe is sweet, it also has a fragrance, too.



          In addition to the food in the market. Waroros also have many other products on the market after a source of fabric and sewing. Its various garnish In this section, the atmosphere resembles a market in Bangkok's bracelet. The fabric store is located very near each other, and the upper floor of the market, there are also many shops. Most of the garments. Including various native clothing The appliance as if to say all kinds of things, ranging from coarse thousands lean warship. It would not be wrong Such products are innumerable. And for this reason Waroros is the center of the bus lines to many people in different districts of Chiang Mai's most popular shopping here. So if anyone is to travel to various districts. Chiang was able to start the next bus market comfort.



          For those who prefer to get closer to the people in the area. Have access to local eating culture. I would like to suggest that Waroros in the evening. Because the outer side next to the fruit market. There are many local food at affordable prices. Mai had come to buy food to eat at home as well. If anyone has come to Chiang Mai like to suggest that Waroros offer. Whether it comes in any market is still bustling. Buzzes with people To walk in with the atmosphere of the city. Or to put out the delicious paunchy stomach was all but totally fascinating. The first important to remember to buy souvenirs from Chiang Mai to leave home with it.


- The market is open from 4:00 to 19:00 am each other. The area around the market outside the building will be open from 7:00 -24.00.
- Less area is very difficult to find parking. Recommend parking in the Post Office or the valet, close to the market. Parking fee per car 20 baht.
- Close cooperation with Waroros also marketing the fruit and flower market. Equally interesting


   general information

  • Address : Street Wichayanon Chang Moi Chiang Mai.
  • GPS : 18.790717, 99.000950
  • Website : http://www.warorosmarket.com
  • Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/WarorosMarket
  • Opening hours : in the market. Open from 4:00 am. - 19:00 pm. Around the markets open around 7:00 am. - 24.00.
  • Recommended time : in the morning until the evening to suit the many selections of food souvenir of the evening will be a traditional food market. If you want a taste of the city's popular Chiang Mai. To come in the evening to the words.
  • Highlights : souvenirs from Chiang Mai. And traditional food
  • Activities : buy souvenirs And way of life of rural Chiang Mai.


   Travel  "Kad Luang The Flee Market of Chiang Rai"  

   From Nawarat Bridge When driving across the bridge, then drive straight along Tha Pae Road. Until the fourth junction with New Road Chang Moi. Wat Saen Fang, which is located just around the corner. Turn right and drive straight through the intersection with the Chinese arch. Turn right onto Road Chang MoiDrive a little further to see Waroros on the right hand. If you come from a city road. By Road Chang Moi drive steadily through the arch until then China will see Waroros on the right hand. A red minibus taxis, buses can not wave a call from anywhere in the city.


   Kad Luang Market Rai travel map



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