Wat Phra That Chang Kham (Nan)

Wat Phra That Chang Kham (Nan)

 Wat Phra That Chang Kham (Nan)             

Temple Bavornjetiyarak Opposite the Nan National Museum. The shrine Saree Malik elements within the Sanctuary is important. The pagoda has influenced the art of Sukhothai. The temple shrine Chang Kham Pagoda Sukhothai is art Age of the 20th century pagoda with elephants stucco. Only half Adorn the surrounding Create Chedi Brick and cement A form quadrate square stacked three-layer width of 9 meters.


The base of the first floor up to the second floor with elephant-like words in base into the ropes for a total of six elephants, each of the 24 surfaced header floating rope. Bust out both front legs sticking out of the base triangle above the base dial (lotus base) stacked three layers and Ceylonese bell. The bell made from crystal garlands ฐanekiig supports cascaded to the top.



Currently the Chedi Chang Kham has been restored. And share with the brass plate is very beautiful, there is also a golden Buddha is Buddha Nanthaburi Sri Sakyamuni Buddha style, which is 65% higher gold sales of 145 centimeters Omi. When making an extra 2442 baht you Ngua Sport 69 hard rock heap, the ruler of the territory of the 14 artistic Phu. Created on Wednesday as six months of 1969 over the Sukhothai art. Enshrined in the Hall of Buddha in the country.



The Grand Hall of Wat Phra Bavornjetiyarak. A small temple Great shape created by the splendid architecture of northern nature. The front has a lion standing on each side of the foot of the stairs, there are three entrances to the entrance as the main entrance. And a small door on the left And the right way A small door The opposite side of Buddha East and west, the two sides stacked two layers Mukld roof, front and rear. Gable hit with a plank tiles. Then edging the front post all the characteristics of the architecture. Lanna temple in Thailand with a large, round concrete pillars, two people wrapped around a high etch patterned stucco embossed. 1.50 meters above the ground level temple is patterned outside the substation as chandeliers. The pillars in the temple Phumin pattern.

  Travel Temple Bavornjetiyarak.

 By car

If you come to the city for a long time. Temple Bavornjetiyarak Street Suriyaphong. Opposite the National Museum, Nan. And measured Phumin


   travel map Temple Bavornjetiyarak




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